Previous Years Events

Started in 2005, watch the Cantina for the Con grow over the years.

2014 Event Details

When: Labor Day Weeknd – Saturday August 30 – Sunday August 31, 2014

Where: Loon Lake Entrance to Rubicon Trail, Northern California –> Accessible by Car or RV

Why:This is an annual Fundraiser for the 501(c)3 Non-Profit. Mission: To Enhance the Future Health and Use of the Rubicon Trail while Ensuring Responsible Motorized Year-round Trail Access. We advocate for your Continued Motorized Access to the Trail and Surrounding Public Lands.

2013 Cantina for the Con

Sponsor & Vendor List

These are the vendors that are committed at showing their products at the 2014 Cantina for the Con. Click...

Axial G6 R/C Races

RECON G6 is a driver challenge race that requires mandatory skill with R/C crawlers. Drivers will navigate...
Raceline movie night

Raceline Wheels Movie Night

Raceline Wheels presents the Cantina Movie Night Join us for a movie night during the 2014 Cantina for...

Ice Cream Truck

Created by Matt Farley and Shannon Chard, the Ice Cream Truck at the Cantina for the Con is the highlight...
Last Year We Raised $10,000 for the Rubicon Trail - LET's BEAT IT IN 2014!

The Cantina for the Con hit our list of Top Events of the Summer again this year.  We look forward to seeing everyone out!



Tony Pellegrino Rubicon Trail Facebook Post

One of the best times on the Rubicon Trail, without actually hitting the trail.  Plenty to see and do right there at the spillway.  First time, and definitely coming back!


My favorite part about the cantina on the con is all the different people & crawlers that come out, it is without a doubt one of the best events.



Miles N Schneider Rubicon Trail Facebook Post

Great event this year! Thank you to all our sponsors/vendors/clubs and people who love the trail for supporting this great event!!


Chris Cowan Rubicon Trail Facebook Post

Had a great time! Our jeeps first time! Next year we will stay for the whole weekend!


Aaron Nunley Rubicon Trail Facebook Post

We had a great time. Thank you again for putting on such a great event. We’re looking forward to next year.

Kevin Culbertson Rubicon Trail Facebook Post

My wife and I thank everyone for coming and all of the warm welcomes from all the vendors. We can’t wait until next year. 


Steve & Dyllan Doty Rubicon Trail Facebook Post

I won this awesome light bar through a raffle that benefited the Rubicon Trail Foundation. Thanks to Sidetracked Off Road for their generous contribution.

Randal Dorn Rubicon Trail Facebook Post
  • Tony Pellegrino
  • Ben Bower
  • Miles N Schneider
  • Chris Cowan
  • Aaron Nunley
  • Connor Foad
  • Kevin Culbertson
  • Steve & Dyllan Doty
  • Randy Jenkins
  • Randall Dorn